A Step-By-Step Explanation Of Tooth Extraction

There are several reasons your dentist may recommend having a tooth extracted, such as severe tooth decay, dental crowding or injury. For many people, the idea of having a tooth extracted may be foreign. It's quite normal to feel a little anxious before any dental procedure, but knowledge is often an antidote to anxiety. In general, tooth extractions are pretty simple and there's a low rate of complications, such as post-procedure bleeding and infection, when the aftercare instructions are followed closely.

Emerging Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

Most people believe that the dentistry field is only health-related. While it was the case initially, dentistry has significantly transformed in recent times. Such changes have resulted in the emergence of cosmetic dentistry, a niche field. Although health still plays a role in cosmetic dentistry, the primary purpose of the procedures is aesthetics. Most importantly, cosmetic dentistry aims to improve your smile. Some of the common and more traditional cosmetic dentistry procedures include teeth whitening, veneers, tooth bonding and clear aligners.

Dental Problems: Understanding the Common Symptoms of Gum Disease

Gum disease can cause a lot of discomfort and pain. Moreover, if the condition is not treated on time, there might be permanent damage. In general, gum disease begins as gingivitis. This condition is mild and reversible with good oral care practices. However, if this initial stage of the illness is ignored, the problem might escalate. In simple terms, the gums could deteriorate, causing the loss of teeth and other complications like serious infections.

Top Reasons Clear Aligners Are Perfect for Adults

Before clear braces, patients had to contend with metal braces to straighten their teeth. Notably, metal braces are still efficient at rectifying a crooked or crowded dental formula. Thus, dentists still recommend metal braces and consider them one of the best orthodontic devices. Nonetheless, patients can choose the type of orthodontic device they want to address dental misalignment. Clear braces are an excellent example, and their popularity has soared over the last couple of years.

What's That Dark Line at the Base of Your Dental Crown?

Have you ever noticed the dental crowns in a person's mouth? Probably not, unless the person happened to point them out. A dental crown is manufactured to be a replica of the tooth it's covering — essentially making the restoration seamless. It could be said that the hallmark of good dental work is when only the dentist and their patient know about it, and this is certainly true when it comes to dental crowns.