Dental Health: 4 Causes of Bad Breath

If you are experiencing bad breath you may be wondering about the cause of this issue. This article outlines 4 possible causes of bad breath and the steps a dentist will recommend you take to address the problem. Read on to discover more. Gum disease One condition that may be causing bad breath is gum disease. Gum disease may cause your gums to bleed, localised pain, and redness. Gum disease is caused by a build-up of bacteria in your mouth.

Three Lifestyle Changes Your Periodontist Wants You To Make To Reduce The Chance Of Gum Disease

The Department of Health reports that just under 23% of Australians have moderate to severe gum disease. A periodontist is a dental specialist who treats gum disease. With the end of the year looming, there are several things you can do now to reduce your odds of needing periodontist visits next year. Here are three lifestyle changes that periodontists recommend you do to enhance the health of your gums. Quit Smoking

Getting Ready for Your Child's Very First Visit to the Dentist

When it comes to children's dentistry, the general consensus is that your child should have their first appointment by the age of one, or six months after their first tooth emerges from their gums. However, you shouldn't hesitate to schedule an appointment even earlier if you're at all concerned about any aspect of your child's dental development. But what is this first appointment going to be like? A Sense of Calm

6 Benefits of Perfecting Your Smile With ClearCorrect

ClearCorrect refers to clear trays or clear aligners that fit over your teeth and bring them to proper placement painlessly. It's the leading alternative to intrusive, painful metal braces. This treatment plan corrects dental imperfections like straightness and teeth spacing.  While invisibility is their main advantage, here are more benefits of using ClearCorrect. Minimal Aesthetic Impact ClearCorrect aligners are fabricated from a thermoplastic material which is clear and inconspicuous. Metal braces are bulky and quite visible.

Teething: The Sequel (Or It Could Just Be Malocclusion)

All parents will have to deal with teething and that discomfort that your child experiences when their first set of deciduous (baby) teeth begins to erupt from their gums. You deal with it as best as you can, with soothing cold foods and age-appropriate pain medication. Once upon a time, parents would have simply rubbed a small amount of liquor onto the child's gums, but that's generally viewed as being unwise, even though it might have been rather effective.