6 Benefits of Perfecting Your Smile With ClearCorrect

ClearCorrect refers to clear trays or clear aligners that fit over your teeth and bring them to proper placement painlessly. It's the leading alternative to intrusive, painful metal braces. This treatment plan corrects dental imperfections like straightness and teeth spacing.  While invisibility is their main advantage, here are more benefits of using ClearCorrect. Minimal Aesthetic Impact ClearCorrect aligners are fabricated from a thermoplastic material which is clear and inconspicuous. Metal braces are bulky and quite visible.

Teething: The Sequel (Or It Could Just Be Malocclusion)

All parents will have to deal with teething and that discomfort that your child experiences when their first set of deciduous (baby) teeth begins to erupt from their gums. You deal with it as best as you can, with soothing cold foods and age-appropriate pain medication. Once upon a time, parents would have simply rubbed a small amount of liquor onto the child's gums, but that's generally viewed as being unwise, even though it might have been rather effective.

Dental Emergencies: How to Manage Severe Tooth Pain After Eating

Are you experiencing severe tooth pain after eating? If so, you may be having a tooth infection. When you have a damaged or decayed tooth, harmful bacteria can build up on the tooth. After eating, the bacteria feed on the sugar from the food and produce acids which erode the enamel, dentin and other hard tissues of the teeth. The bacteria's erosive action on the teeth leads to severe pain, which can lead to a dental emergency.

4 Foods That Can Turn a Broken Tooth into a Dental Emergency

Broken teeth can be painful and traumatic. However, a broken tooth isn't always a dental emergency. If you are fortunate, your broken tooth will only need some restorative treatment, such as a filling or some minor dental bonding to repair the damage. Unfortunately, even minor damage can quickly call for emergency dental treatment if you expose your broken tooth to certain foods. Have you broken a tooth recently? Then ensure that you avoid the following foods while you await treatment on your tooth.

How Can Dentists Improve the Look of a Smile?

Cosmetic dentistry can be used in a number of different ways to improve the appearance of your smile. If you think that your teeth look unsightly when you grin, then it can be something that can knock your self-confidence. Many people who think that their teeth are discoloured or have a shape that is non-standard also feel that they shouldn't smile or laugh so much in the company of others. That said, modern cosmetic dentistry techniques can deal with many of the problems associated with self-confidence and smiling.