Why Choose Metal Rather Than Ceramic Braces?

If you need braces, then you can choose between metal or ceramic devices. While each of these options has its pros and cons, you might find that traditional metal braces are the best option for you. What are their advantages?

Metal Braces Are Stronger

You'll usually wear your braces for a good few months or even more than a year. While your brace wires will change as your treatment progresses, the brackets on your teeth should stay in place all the way through.

Ceramic braces aren't always strong enough to do this. Their brackets are more likely to crack, chip and break than metal braces. Ceramic is a more brittle and less flexible material.

If you go with metal braces, then your brackets are less likely to break. You won't have to spend time and money having additional orthodontic sessions to put new brackets on your teeth if you break your original ones.

Metal Braces Don't Stain

Ceramic brace brackets are clear or tooth-coloured. While this has some cosmetic advantages, you might find that it is harder to keep ceramic brackets clean. They can stain, especially if you regularly eat or drink things that are strongly coloured.

Stained brackets don't look good. You might have to have some of your brackets replaced if the discolouration gets too bad.

Metal braces won't stain or discolour. As long as you follow your orthodontic hygiene routine, they'll look clean and clear.

Metal Braces Are Easier to Remove

Your orthodontist will usually need more time to remove ceramic braces. Ceramics are hard and brittle. It can take some effort to get them off your teeth once your treatment is finished.

Plus, your brackets are more likely to break as they are being removed. Your orthodontist might have to grind bits of each bracket off your teeth if this happens. This can be an uncomfortable process.

Metal braces are easier and faster to remove. Their brackets have enough flexibility to come off cleanly and in one piece.

Metal Braces Are Cheaper

If cost is an issue, then metal braces are the more economical choice. Ceramic devices are usually more expensive because they have higher material costs.

Plus, your overall treatment cost might increase if you have to replace damaged ceramic brackets. This shouldn't be a problem if you wear metal braces. Their brackets should stay intact for your entire treatment time.

To find out more about the benefits of metal braces, talk to your orthodontist.