How to Deal with Acute Toothache

While it is possible to put up with a mild toothache, an acute toothache can cause a lot of distress. If you have a severe toothache, don't worry! You can do things while waiting for an appointment with your dentist. This blog post will discuss some tips on dealing with acute toothache. Scroll down to find out more!

Establish the source of the pain

First, it is important to determine the source of pain. If a cavity or a filling needs to be replaced, then rinsing your mouth with warm salt water may help reduce pain and swelling. Avoid hard or crunchy foods as they can increase inflammation and cause further damage to your teeth or gums.

Use over-the-counter pain medication

Next, over-the-counter medications such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen can also help alleviate pain and reduce inflammation. Check the dosage instructions on the packaging before taking any medication, and make sure not to exceed the recommended amount, as this could be dangerous for your health. If you experience any adverse reactions after taking medication, stop using it immediately and consult a medical professional immediately.

Visit an emergency dentist

Finally, if the acute pain persists despite trying all these methods, then it is best that you visit an emergency dentist as soon as possible so they can assess the problem and provide treatment accordingly. An emergency dentist will be able to diagnose the source of your toothache accurately and suggest suitable treatment options such as a dental filling, root canal therapy or extraction.

Take preventative action to avoid future issues

You can avoid future dental emergencies by ensuring that you keep regular dental appointments so that any potential problems can be identified early before they become more serious issues. This will also allow you time to plan ahead financially in case of emergencies like these which require expensive treatments at short notice.


An acute toothache can be extremely painful, but there are ways to manage it until you can get professional help from your dentist. By understanding what causes acute toothaches and following these simple steps, you should be able to lessen their severity until proper treatment is available. Remember that prevention is always the best option — so make sure that you keep up regular dental appointments for checkups and cleanings! In doing so, you will minimise the risk of having unexpected dental emergencies in the future. For more toothache advice, contact a dentist today.