What to Expect When You Visit a Dental Centre

Understandably, most people visit a dental centre when they need specific treatment (for example, braces and dentures) or when they have a toothache. Despite this, dentists recommend regular dental visits even if you feel fine. Monitoring and professional dental examination go a long way in guaranteeing good dental hygiene. Here's what you can generally expect to happen when you visit a dental centre. 

Question and answer session

Of course, you must tell the dentist what brought you to the dental centre. This is where you outline your problem or state the service you require. The dentist may, in turn, ask you a few questions before physically examining your teeth. 

Naturally, the questions are based on your particular problem. So, if you have a toothache, expect the dentist to ask questions such as when the toothache began and what your dental hygiene maintenance routine entails.

If you need a more extensive dental treatment, for example, the installation of dental implants, the dentist may ask questions about your general health and what medications you're currently on. 

Physical examination

Like the question-and-answer session, the physical examination is based on your particular ailment or the particular service you need.

At the dental centre, you will be asked to lie on a dental chair and open your mouth. The dentist will visually inspect your teeth and use a small pointed metallic tool to test the strength of the enamel (outermost layer of teeth). Worry not; the examination is painless. 

Depending on your condition, the dentist may require a dental x-ray to examine your teeth better. This is mainly requested if you have impacted teeth, need dental implants installed or if there's a hole in your tooth.

Treatment plan discussion

Once the dentist examines your teeth, they will discuss what they found and the treatment you need. Sometimes, there can be alternative treatments for specific conditions, but your dentist should be in a position to help you choose the best. 

This is also where the dentist highlights the different dental treatment costs. Keep in mind that choosing a treatment based on price is not recommended. That's why it's essential to have dental insurance coverage.

It's also important to note that some treatments at the dental centre can be carried out immediately after the dental examination. In contrast, others may need to be carried forward later. The reason could be that the dentist needs time to prepare for the treatment, or you may also require some time to make personal preparations. You may also want to remember that particular dental treatments may necessitate several dental visits, such as root canals, implants and braces. 

For more info, visit a local dental centre