Emerging Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

Most people believe that the dentistry field is only health-related. While it was the case initially, dentistry has significantly transformed in recent times. Such changes have resulted in the emergence of cosmetic dentistry, a niche field. Although health still plays a role in cosmetic dentistry, the primary purpose of the procedures is aesthetics. Most importantly, cosmetic dentistry aims to improve your smile. Some of the common and more traditional cosmetic dentistry procedures include teeth whitening, veneers, tooth bonding and clear aligners. However, emerging procedures are taking the cosmetic dentistry field by storm. Read on to find out more about the procedures.

Gum Contouring — Have you ever heard someone complaining about having a "gummy" smile? If you have not, then a "gummy" smile refers to a situation where someone has significant gum tissue above their top teeth. Generally, a person with a "gummy" smile appears to have small teeth and extra-large gum. Gum contouring, commonly referred to as gum reshaping, is a cosmetic procedure where a dentist slices away excessive gum tissue. Gum contouring can also help restore a receding gum line that exposes too much teeth tissue and makes one look like they have large pearly whites.

Teeth Shaping — Although your teeth' outer layer (enamel) is hard, it can be easily shaped according to your needs in a procedure referred to as teeth/enamel shaping or odontoplasty. For example, some people have chipped, uneven, misaligned or cracked teeth that look out of place when smiling. By filing the enamel, a dentist removes some of the tissue and tries to achieve a shape that matches the rest of your teeth. The procedure is painless and often produces immediate results. On the other hand, a person with perfectly normal teeth might want a unique shape on some of their pearly whites. For instance, someone fascinated by feline animals can ask their cosmetic dentist to make their canine teeth sharper than the average person's.

Air Abrasion — Since cosmetic dentistry is a relatively new field, one of its main objectives is to preserve healthy tooth structure through noninvasive treatment. It is exactly what air abrasion procedures achieve, and it is often used to restore a tooth's natural shade. Thus, air abrasion or microabrasion is a cosmetic dental procedure that removes stubborn stains by blasting the enamel with tiny aluminium oxide and silica particles. The procedure uses a tiny sandblaster and compressed air to wear away stains gently. The best part about air abrasion is that it leaves more healthy tissue behind, unlike other mechanical tools such as scalers.

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