Why Is Teeth Whitening Necessary?

Many people wonder if teeth whitening treatments are necessary. Shouldn't a toothbrush and toothpaste get teeth clean enough? The truth is that most people are not able to maintain a perfectly white smile without some kind of whitening treatment. Here are some reasons why.

Plaque vs Stains

Brushing your teeth is a fantastic way to get rid of dental plaque, which is a bacterial film that forms on the teeth every day. Plaque is yellowish in colour, so brushing it away from your teeth is a good way to keep your smile a little whiter.

However, brushing your teeth does not remove all of the stains that build up during the day as a result of eating and drinking foods and beverages that contain dark-coloured compounds, such as tannins. Even if your teeth are hygienically clean, they can still appear yellowish or brownish as a result of staining.

Lifestyle Choices That Lead to Stains

Certain habits make some people more likely than others to develop dental staining. These habits include drinking coffee and tea, smoking, drinking red wine and eating dark-coloured foods such as licorice or blackberries.

Changing your lifestyle to remove these habits can reduce your risk of developing dental staining. However, many people rely upon their morning cup of coffee or tea to wake up and get going. Furthermore, many foods that cause staining, such as berries, are actually very good for your health. For these reasons, many people prefer to keep their current eating and drinking habits and schedule whitening treatments to reverse their staining effect.

Whiteness and Oral Health

Stained teeth are not necessarily unhealthy. As long as you have regular dental checkups and cleanings, you do not have to have whitening treatments if you do not want to. However, many people find that they feel more confident when they have a whiter smile.

You should not worry about professional whitening treatments compromising your oral health. There are many myths about whitening treatments stripping away tooth enamel and leaving teeth more vulnerable to decay. Although enamel damage can occur if you use certain home remedies to whiten your teeth, the risk does not apply when the whitening is carried out by a professional dentist.

Teeth whitening is one of the safest dental procedures available. If you would like to have a whiter smile, get in touch with your dentist today to find out about your treatment options.