Top Benefits of Zygomatic Denture Implants

Chewing leads to natural but slow bone loss in the jaws. However, the process is accelerated in individuals suffering from bruxism (teeth grinding). The degree of bone loss is critical when evaluating a candidate for denture implants. Typically, average bone loss is not a problem when installing denture implants because a dentist can perform a bone grafting procedure. It involves adding bone material to the jaw to make it dense, creating a strong foundation for denture implants.

However, some patients suffer from acute bone loss, which means they lack sufficient bone material for standard bone grafting. In such cases, zygomatic implants are the best option. This post highlights the key benefits of zygotic denture implants.   

1. One-Stage Procedure

When preparing a patient for denture implants, a dentist exposes the jawbone first before adding bone material to it. Notably, a grafted bone takes time to heal completely and fuse with the jaw. It means that a patient needs several appointments to examine the progress, a process that takes time. Zygomatic denture implants are the exact opposite because they are a one-off procedure. It is because a zygomatic denture is attached directly to the zygoma (cheekbone) and not a depleted jawbone.   

2. Instant Results

There is nothing fun in losing teeth, whether it is one, two, or many. You lose the ability to chew comfortably and enjoy your favourite foods. Some people even begin to hide their smile. Therefore, it is understandable to grow impatient and seek teeth replacement immediately. Unfortunately, the earliest you can get artificial teeth is after successful grafting, which takes months. Zygomatic denture implants deliver instant results because the procedure does not require bone grafting. Once implants are fixed to the cheekbone, a dentist installs the crown and artificial teeth. It means that you go home with a new set of teeth the same day.   

3. Faster Healing Time

Any invasive surgical procedure takes time to heal. Therefore, if a dentist must expose the jawbone, drill it, and implant another piece of bone, the hard and soft tissues need time to heal. Besides, daily activities, such as eating and brushing the teeth, prolong the healing process, which can be frustrating. Installing zygomatic denture implants is less invasive and takes a short time to heal. Since the implants are easy to maintain and service, patients do not have to worry about injuring the soft tissues in the mouth.

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