6 Benefits of Perfecting Your Smile With ClearCorrect

ClearCorrect refers to clear trays or clear aligners that fit over your teeth and bring them to proper placement painlessly. It's the leading alternative to intrusive, painful metal braces. This treatment plan corrects dental imperfections like straightness and teeth spacing. 

While invisibility is their main advantage, here are more benefits of using ClearCorrect.

Minimal Aesthetic Impact ClearCorrect aligners are fabricated from a thermoplastic material which is clear and inconspicuous. Metal braces are bulky and quite visible. However,  ClearCorrect provides a solution that is completely discreet and subtle, allowing people of all ages to enjoy teeth correction without everyone knowing about it. 

Clear Correct Aligners Are Removable You can always remove your aligners at any point for any personal reason and then fit them back in afterward. This increased flexibility with your braces means that you don't have to deal with inconveniences like playing sports with your braces on. In particular, you can remove them when eating and cleaning and quickly pop them back in when you're ready to use them. 

Easy Maintenance  The benefit of being removable extends to include hygiene and maintenance. If you're receiving this treatment, you can easily remove the aligners and clean them gently with soap and water. All you have to do is brush them like you would normal teeth. 

They Are Extremely Comfortable Unlike metal braces that have extruding metal components, ClearCorrect aligners are moulded to the contours of your teeth. This makes them look and feel natural. Because they are nearly flat, they have very little potential for causing cuts and bruises in your mouth, increasing your dental comfort. 

They Put Just the Right Amount of Pressure ClearCorrect by design puts just the right amount of pressure over the surface of each of your tooth's surface. This is unlike metal braces, which are crafted from metal and rely on contact wires, leading to uneven distribution of pressure. You will not feel too much pressure or any pain at all when you're using your ClearCorrect aligners. 

Excellent Results  At the end of the day, the results of the treatment are the most important determining factor. In addition to having clear and visible benefits in a shorter period of time, you can also easily predict their results. Since they rely on computer-aided design and fabrication, your dentist can show you the projections of results as early as when you start your treatment.

ClearCorrect reduces the amount of time you spend on promoting a healthier mouth. Speak with a dentist about ClearCorrect.