How Can Dentists Improve the Look of a Smile?

Cosmetic dentistry can be used in a number of different ways to improve the appearance of your smile. If you think that your teeth look unsightly when you grin, then it can be something that can knock your self-confidence. Many people who think that their teeth are discoloured or have a shape that is non-standard also feel that they shouldn't smile or laugh so much in the company of others. That said, modern cosmetic dentistry techniques can deal with many of the problems associated with self-confidence and smiling. How might your dentist be able to assist you if you want a better-looking smile? 

  • Bleaching Teeth 

One of the key areas that impact on the look of a smile is when you have stains all over your incisors and canines. These front-facing teeth can easily become dark in appearance as a result consuming lots of staining foods and drink, such as coffee, for example. Smoking tobacco products also sometimes has the same effect on incisors. If so, then your dentist may carry out a bleaching procedure on them. Although it is possible to use tooth whitening toothpaste, these products are not nearly as effective as a professional treatment carried out by a skilled dental practitioner. 

  • Repositioning Teeth

Another cosmetic dental procedure that is commonplace these days is to have braces fitted. Essentially, braces are used to pull teeth into a more pleasing arrangement. If you suffer from malocclusion, then braces will often be recommended to either close the gaps between teeth or to stop them from overlapping one another. Repositioning teeth in this way has never been easier. These days, you can have very discreet braces fitted which are barely even noticeable when they are in use. 

  • Covering Unsightly Teeth

Finally, an increasingly popular form of cosmetic dentistry is having dental veneers fitted. These are durable sections of plastic which are glued onto the front of your incisors. Once fitted, they allow you to bite into food quite normally, and they can last for a very long time before you need to replace them. Dental veneers can be made in a perfectly white colour which means that your smile becomes instantly more dazzling. What's more, these veneers can be fitted in such a manner that they cover up any unsightly cracks or chipped sections of teeth, something which means you can go on smiling with greater confidence for years to come.