Trends to Watch Out for in the Dental Health Industry in 2019

As more people take dental care seriously, competition within the sector has increased. For private dental health practitioners, it has become increasingly difficult to keep up with the tight competition. As a dentist, having a first-row experience of current happenings in the dental health sector is a sure strategy for gaining a competitive edge. This article highlights some of the trends to watch out for in the dental health industry in 2019.

Group Practices -- Statistics reveal that on average a dental student graduates from dental school with a debt of approximately $287,331 in US currency. Therefore, the odds are stacked against fresh students looking to start a successful private practice. However, all hope is not lost since private dental practice is moving from individual to group practice. The reason is that the benefits of a group practice far outweigh those of personal practice. For instance, dentists can share staff, overheads and the general joy of working with colleagues of varying experiences. Additionally, you can take time off and not worry about your practice going down since fellow dentists can cover for you. Therefore, if you are operating an individual practice, it is best to start thinking about joining a group practice in 2019.

In-house Dental Financing Option -- According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, approximately one-third of all Australians avoided going to the dentist due to financial aspects in 2016. A significant number of people are not insured, and even those that have health coverage still avoid the dentist's chair. The cost of dental care will spill into 2019; therefore, it is best to tap into this market ahead of competitors as a private dental practitioner. One way to do it is by introducing in-house dental financing. It is a payment option whereby the dentist mutually agrees with the patient on the terms of payment as long as it does not hurt the practice. While the practice is not new in the dental sector, more dentists are starting to realise the benefits involved.

Emotional Dentistry -- This is another trend that promises to take off in 2019. Through virtual mock-ups and digital photos, patients can see the outcome of procedures even before the operation begins. Emotional dentistry has a positive psychological effect because it allows patients and dentists to work together in realising workable dental procedures. Importantly, patients are willing to commit financially to dental solutions associated with emotional dentistry.