Important Services Offered by an Emergency Dentist

You will not find many dentists out there who offer emergency services. Many will require you to schedule an appointment that can be as long as a few weeks out. But what happens when you experience a dental emergency? Emergencies can include anything from accidents that result in broken teeth, or very painful toothaches as a result of a cavity or tooth decay.

Indeed, the services of an emergency dentist can come in handy at the most critical times. They are available on short notice to cater to unexpected events that may affect your oral health.

Here are some of the most important services that an emergency dentist can offer when you need it the most.

Removal of tooth decay and infections

It is not uncommon for a person's tooth to begin to decay or become infected while in the mouth. In fact, a lot of the food that we eat today contains large amounts of sugar, acids and other corrosive substances. These materials tend to settle between teeth crevices and in the gums, where they can slowly cause you teeth to decay. Many patients don't notice tooth decay until the pain becomes excruciating.

An emergency dentist is available on short notice to examine decaying and infected teeth so as to prevent the entire tooth from becoming destroyed. Decay can also continue deep into the gums and lead to more extensive damage. As a result, it is important to address tooth decay in a timely fashion.

Filling cavities

Cavities often occur in the teeth due to corrosion that breaks down the enamel that keeps the tooth strong. A cavity can become very painful; especially after food items enter the hole and irritate the sensitive nerves inside the tooth.

It is often not an option to wait for weeks before a cavity can be filled. An emergency dentist can address cavities in a short amount of time and relieve the associated discomfort.

Root canals

In some cases, the entire tooth and its associated nerve endings need to be extracted. This could be as a result of an oral infection that damages the nerves and gums, or tooth decay/cavities on the tooth surface. Root canals are important in preventing the spread of infections to other teeth and the mouth in general.

The sooner the procedure is carried out, the less the damage will be. An emergency dentist is available on short notice to carry out root canals and restore your oral health.