5 Things That Warrant a Tooth Extraction

When most people visit the dentist for treatment, they don't expect to have one or more of their teeth extracted. In fact, tooth extraction is never fun, and dentists try to avoid it as much as possible. However, certain circumstances leave the dentist with no other option but to remove a tooth or two. Understanding these situations beforehand can help you to weigh your options and get prepared before the dental visit. 

Broken or Chipped Tooth

There are several reasons why a tooth can break or get chipped including sports, falling, fighting or biting something hard. Though one can stay with a cracked tooth, it does not look aesthetically appealing plus it can lead to an infection. The dentist can decide to extract the broken tooth and replace it with an implant which will look much better, and you don't have to worry about future infections.

Infection in Your Tooth

The worst thing that can happen to a tooth is an infection. This usually occurs at the center where there are nerves and blood vessel, and it can be excruciating. Besides the pain, an infection can't be left untreated because it will only get worse and spread to the gums. Though some dental diseases can be treated with a run of antibiotics and a root canal, sometimes it is necessary to extract the affected tooth if it's too far gone. The procedure will protect the other teeth from infection.

Gum Disease

Gum disease is a horrible condition that is not only painful but risky because if the gums are sick, they can't hold your teeth properly. Usually, some teeth will be extracted so the gums can be treated, and then dental implants are installed. You can also get dentures, especially if you are not into an invasive procedure like that involved with implants.

Small Mouth

Sometimes there is not enough space in the mouth for 32 teeth. People with a small mouth can either have overlapping teeth or experience extreme pain and discomfort as the wisdom teeth are trying to grow. Also, the wisdom teeth will be impacted due to lack of space in the gum. In most cases, the person is referred to a maxillofacial surgeon to get the wisdom teeth removed surgically.

Crooked or Overlapping Teeth

Crooked and overlapping teeth are not only embarrassing to live with, but they can also be quite uncomfortable. People often bite themselves when chewing and develop sores in the mouth. Extracting some of the teeth to straighten the remaining ones is always an excellent solution to overlapping teeth, and you can have the crooked ones replaced with implants.