4 Easy Alternatives to Old-Fashioned Flossing

Do find flossing fiddly and annoying? Do you struggle to floss effectively? Or are you simply interested in new ways to keep your teeth clean? Luckily for you, there are plenty of effective alternatives to the traditional method of flossing with a piece of string or tape.

We're sharing four of the best alternatives to flossing, including interdental brushes, floss holders, and water jets. Don't be afraid to experiment and find the method that works best for you.

Say goodbye to floss, and hello to frustration-free tooth cleaning.

Interdental Brushes

Do you have large gaps between each tooth that your struggle to floss properly? Interdental brushes are the perfect solution. These small brushes are available in a wide variety of sizes, and allow you to reach spaces that wouldn't be accessible with a normal toothbrush. Interdental brushes have a solid handle, so they're easier to grip and use than dental floss.

Floss Holders

If the gaps between your teeth are too small for interdental brushes, you might need to stick with floss. You don't need to battle with a frustrating piece of loose string, however. Instead, invest in floss holders. These plastic devices are around the same size as a toothbrush, but their ends are designed to hold a piece of floss. This gives you a firm handle to grip as you floss, allowing greater precision. The floss can be replaced easily, so you won't have to worry about spreading germs around your mouth.

Water Jet Flosser

Want to get high-tech? Water jet flossers look similar to electric toothbrushes, but they have a narrow end which is used to shoot a high-powered jet of water. This dislodges plaque and bacteria from even the tiniest gap, with none of the hassle of string floss. Water jet flossers have a range of settings, so you can choose the pressure that's most comfortable for you.

Wooden Toothpicks

Wooden toothpicks are a simple but effective way to remove food and debris from between your teeth. Since they're solid, they easier to hold than floss and allow a more effective scraping motion. Toothpicks are ideal for anyone with small gaps between their teeth who struggles to use floss. They're cheap, disposable, and easy to carry with you, making them ideal for a little tooth cleaning while you're out and about.

Do you hate flossing but want to keep your teeth healthy? Try one of the four flossing alternatives above. For more information, contact a local family dentist.