When Abstaining Prevents Staining: 4 Beverages to Avoid When Wearing Invisalign Aligners

Invisalign aligners offer you the benefits of braces without the brackets and wires. They are also almost invisible, which means you can comfortably wear them outdoors, at work or while out with friends. However, while this technology is now made of a more durable type of plastic, the newer plastic tends to stain more easily.

Unfortunately, this means that you should refrain from drinking dark-coloured beverages when wearing your aligners. If you stain your Invisalign aligner in the first week, that means it will no longer be invisible, and your teeth will appear discoloured as a result. Here's a list of some beverages you should avoid.

Coffee and Tea

If you can't survive without your daily dose of coffee or tea, you can simply remove your aligners before every cup, and replace them when you are done.

Make sure you brush your teeth before replacing them as any remaining liquid might still come into contact with your aligner. Hot beverages also carry the risk of warping your aligners, which could mean that your aligners no longer fits your bite. In this event, you might need to fork out the cash for new aligners or run the risk of interfering with your treatment.

Red Wine or Rum

If your favoured drink on a night out is red win or rum, you will need to be extra careful. Bearing in mind that most dentists recommend that you keep your aligners in 22 hours a day, you need to develop a routine that means you can still drink your favourite drink and not stain your aligner.

One way to avoid staining is to take your aligners out at the beginning of the night. You will need to find a way to remind yourself to put them back in of course. This way, you can drink your favourite drinks before switching to something lighter in colour. If possible, clean your teeth either with a toothbrush or some tissue before putting your aligners back in.


While beer isn't as dark as wine or rum, if you regularly enjoy a beer or two in the evenings, the effect could be cumulative and not become apparent until several days later.

Dark Coloured Fruit Juices

Likewise, fruit beverages such as blackcurrant or blueberry squash should definitely be avoided. Not only are these drinks dark in colour, but they are also high in sugar. Drinking sugary drinks whilst wearing your aligners will cause the sugary residue to sit between your teeth and the aligners. This puts your teeth at risk of cavities as the bacteria in your mouth will feed off the sugar and produce an acidic byproduct that will erode the enamel of your teeth.

Visit your dental clinic to learn more about keeping your teeth healthy as they're straightened.