4 Potential Causes Behind Over Sensitive Teeth

There's a layer of tissue known as dentin inside your teeth and under the enamel. Within this dentin, tiny tubules filled with tiny nerve endings are located. When the enamel wears out, the dentin tubules lose their protective covering around the enamel. This exposes nerves to hot, acidic, cold and sticky substances, which cause pain or sensitivity. If you have overly sensitive teeth, you will need to visit a dentist to resolve your problem.

Brushing Teeth Too Forcefully

Brushing your teeth forcefully, especially with a hard-bristled toothbrush, leads to tooth sensitivity because the hard bristles will scrub away your protective tooth enamel layers. In this instance, you may find your teeth feeling sensitive even from different toothpastes. Your dentist will need to diagnose and provide treatment for your sensitive tooth problem.

Drinking Carbonated Soft Drinks Regularly

Drinking carbonated drinks can increase tooth sensitivity. This is because sodas are acidic and harsh on the teeth. While diet sodas are less acidic than regular sodas, they can also damage your tooth enamel. Apart from carbonated drinks, keep in mind that acidic foods like grapefruit, tomatoes and lemons can also lead to sensitive teeth. To prevent carbonated drinks from damaging your tooth enamel, use a straw because this will prevent your teeth from being exposed to acids and sugars present in these drinks. You should also drink fluoridated water after carbonated drinks to rinse your mouth and dissolve the sugar. You'll also want to avoid these drinks before you go to bed because the liquid can pool in your mouth and coat your teeth with sugars, causing heightened sensitivity.

Teeth Trauma

Teeth trauma can occur for multiple reasons –– perhaps you slipped and hit your mouth against a hard surface or maybe you got into an unexpected brawl. These instances will cause your teeth to crack and chip, which will ultimately lead to teeth sensitivity or downright pain. These cracks can cause decay and acidic buildup to form around the edges, which will break down your teeth enamel and cause sensitivity. Your dentist may need to fix cracks and chips with fillings, so be sure to make an appointment as soon as possible.

Overusing Teeth Whitening Products

Everyone wants pearly white teeth, but overusing teeth whitening products can cause your teeth to become more sensitive over time. Most whitening products are made with hydrogen peroxide, which can penetrate through teeth enamel. This causes irritation to the dentin below your teeth. If you notice your teeth starting to get sensitive after using teeth whitening products, it's best to avoid them for a while.

These types of teeth sensitivities are usually reversible, as long as you visit a dentist for treatment and follow instructions to prevent them from happening again.