How to Afford Expensive Dental Procedures

If you are in need of dental work, you might be struggling with affording it. Procedures like crowns, extractions and root canals often cost as more than your allotted amount even if you do have dental insurance. Here are some alternative ways of paying for these expensive procedures.

Sign Up for a Dental Payment Plan

Your first option is to pay for the procedure in more manageable payments, which is offered through various dental payment plans. There are different organizations and lenders that offer these dental payment plans. It allows you to get the procedure now and pay for it on a weekly or monthly basis until it is completely paid off. With lenders, you might be paying interest, but it lets you get the procedure you need. You may also find a dentist who is willing to offer you a dental payment plan.

Ask for Discounted Alternatives

Another option is to ask the dentist if there are alternatives to the original dental procedure that might cost a little less. For example, an extraction is usually less expensive than a root canal and crown. If you need a crown, perhaps you can get one made of a less expensive material than porcelain or ceramic. Many dentists are willing to work with your budget to ensure proper oral health.

Pay With a Credit Card

While it is not ideal, you can also use a credit card to pay for your dental procedure. This isn't most people's first choice since you will be paying quite a bit in interest, but it does let you get the procedure you need, and you will be paying smaller payments on a monthly basis. If you are trying to save money and don't want to pay the high interest, you might want to try the other options first before resorting to your credit card.

Visit a Local Dental School

If you have a dental school nearby, ask them what procedures they offer. Dental students need someone to practice their skills on, so the schools often provide free or low-cost procedures. They will usually handle the majority of dental procedures with an instructor close by to be sure everything is done correctly. This allows you to relax, knowing there won't be issues even though a student is working on your teeth.

The most important thing is that you don't put off getting necessary dental work done. It is not only for oral health but for general health as well.