Is Invisalign Better Than Braces?

You have several options to choose from if you would like to adjust the position and function of your teeth. You can wear dental braces, or you can wear Invisalign dental trays. How do these treatments differ from one another? Read on and learn what you need to know about braces and Invisalign.


This refers to a set of dental trays that are custom-made for a patient. They help to reposition the teeth so that problems like misaligned teeth are corrected over a period of several weeks. The name of these dental trays stems from the fact that they are nearly invisible. The biggest benefit of these Invisalign dental trays is that they are discrete so you may not be self-conscious when wearing them. They can be removed when you are going to eat or to brush. These aligners also give results in a shorter time than traditional braces. They have no effect on your speech, so you can indulge in your social interactions without any fear.

However, Invisalign trays are more expensive than braces. This may be due to the complex process used to make them (such as scanning the teeth to generate computer models of all the stages through which the teeth will be repositioned until the desired position is reached). They may not be suitable for complex problems like severely misaligned teeth. It is also easy to forget to wear them after you have removed them to eat or floss.


A dental professional affixes these onto your teeth. The braces have brackets that are held in place (on the teeth) by clearly visible wires. Braces can only be removed once you complete the treatment, or when they are damaged and need to be replaced. The advantages of braces include their ability to treat severe conditions like crooked teeth. They are also more affordable than Invisalign. The fact that they cannot be removed at will increases the chances of treatment compliance.

However, the wires of dental braces can trap food particles and lead to the buildup of plaque. They can make people self-conscious since everyone can see that you are wearing braces. Braces also take a longer time than Invisalign to give desired outcomes.

Which option is better for you? You may need to consult your dentist so that he or she assesses the condition that you would like to correct. That assessment will provide an indicator of which method is more likely to give you the results you want.