Signs of Oral Cancer and Detection

Regular dental checkups have more importance than just maintaining your white smile. The health of your teeth, mouth and gums are directly connected to your overall health. Oral cancer is one of the more prominent types that people are diagnosed with each day. Regular checkups with your dentist could help you to notice the signs in advance before this type of cancer worsens. Early detection of oral cancer is critical to survival and can be increased if you visit your dentist regularly. There are signs of oral cancer that you and your dentist can be on the lookout for.

Oral Cancer

This is a type of cancer that is identified as the growth of cancerous cells within the tissues located in the mouth. In most cases, this type of cancer will begin as a growth within the mouth that persists and continues to grow. This type of cancer can form in different parts of the mouth including the gums, lips, tounge and cheeks. It is even possible for oral cancer to begin or spread to the throat and palate.


Since there are different forms of oral cancer depending on the region of the mouth where the cells grow, it is possible for different signs and symptoms to be evident. Some of the most common signs that oral cancer might be growing include swelling or bumps around the gums, lips and cheeks. It is also possible for red or white spots to be present within the mouth and for bleeding to occur without any cause. Numbness in the mouth and face are also warning signs of oral cancer. Problems chewing and swallowing along with hoarseness that will not go away are also red flags. If you have dentures, sometimes oral cancer will change the shape of your mouth and alter their fit.

Early Detection

The main reason why you need to be informed about the signs and symptoms of oral cancer is to allow for early detection. You do not want problems to persist for long periods without diagnosis. Early detection is one of the keys to survival for most type of oral cancer. This means that all signs need to be taken seriously and evaluated by a professional dentist with experience. Regular checkups can help to ensure that early detection is achieved and that no issues involving your gums, lips, tongue or teeth go undiagnosed. Smoking is a risk factor of oral cancer, but it is not the only cause.