Different Types of Dentist Specialists

Dentists are medically-trained professionals who excel in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of mouth diseases. Although they may not command a similar reputation to doctors, their roles in society cannot be undermined. Contrary to popular belief, a wide range of specialisations are involved in dentistry. Hence, there are many different types of dentists who specialise in particular skillsets and they are described below:

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons

Any mouth, jaw and face injury that requires teeth extraction, reconstructive facial surgery and implants is handled by a maxillofacial surgeon. These dentists are also responsible for the removal of cancerous tumors, correction of muscle disorders and oral cavity defects and the repair of cleft lips. 


Endodontists undergo various training to perform root canal therapy and pulp procedures. These dentists are tasked with finding the solutions and remedies to the problems associated with the nerve, pulp, arteries and veins found in the internal cavity.


The prevention and care of various gum-related diseases, guided bone regeneration and dental implants are some of the major works of periodontists. Apart from that, periodontists also work on cosmetic dental procedures such as fixing of gum recession; a more natural gum smile line is achieved through the correction of gum recession.


The professionals who excel in the positioning of teeth and jaw alignment are known as orthodontists. Teeth deformities such as crooked teeth and misaligned teeth are handled by orthodontists. These professionals are heavily involved in the dental care of young ones. So, if you need to get braces to fix your teeth, you will need to visit an orthodontist.

Cosmetic Dentists

The area of expertise of cosmetic dentists lies in performing appearance enhancing medical procedures such as bonding, whitening of teeth and veneers. A person's smile can markedly improve following a visit to a cosmetic dentist. General dentist services are also offered by cosmetic dentists.


You will need to visit a prosthodontist if you need replacements for your missing teeth. These dentists are mainly associated with the craft of attaching structures and prosthetic devices such as dentures, crowns and bridges to fill the gaps left by missing teeth. Prosthodontists are also useful when performing dental implant surgery procedures.

Oral Pathologists

Oral pathologists are dentists who are experts at evaluating clinical, microscopic, radiographic and biochemical examinations to make correct diagnosis of the disorders and diseases affecting the cheeks, lips, teeth, jawbones and other parts of the mouth and face.