4 Tips to Help Children Overcome Their Fear of Dentists

A trip to the dental clinic is inevitable, especially when your child's first set of primary teeth start to come in. Many parents don't realise how important is it to look after emerging baby teeth carefully to help in proper jaw development and cleaning. For children, a visit to the dentist is scary and intimidating. Here are some genius tips to help your kids overcome their fear of dentists for an enjoyable and productive dental experience.

Keep Your Dentist Constant

It helps when you are able to bring children to a familiar surrounding, so they know what to expect. Do not keep changing your dentist every time. By familiarising your child with a particular dentist, he or she will feel more comfortable during subsequent visits. This not only puts the child at ease, but also parents who won't have to worry about pacifying their nervous children every time they visit a dental clinic. Remember that a visit to the dentist is equally terrifying for adults − so making your kids comfortable is very important.

Mind Your Language

Your language plays a large role in determining how comfortable a child feels at the dental clinic. For example, negative words associated with the dentist like pain, prick, hurt, injections and shots could cause your child to become thoroughly frightened every time a dental visit is imminent. Instead, try to focus on positive reinforcement by bringing up the good attributes of a dentist. Talk to your children about clean teeth creating a great smile. Keep it simple; don't over complicate things for children and always stay positive.

Let the Pros Do the Job

Don't try to explain too much of the dental process to your kids, if you don't really know much about it anyway. Give your child a playfully positive reason and let the dental staff do the rest. Paediatric dentists are trained to handle children, so be sure to let the professionals handle your children effectively. 

Play Pretend Dentist

When you're dealing with small kids, it is important to make them feel relaxed and comfortable. You can do this by simulating a dentist to help your child know what to expect. By making your child feel like he's already at the dental clinic, you will ease him into it when he's actually there.

If you make your kids feel comfortable and prepared before their next visit to the dental clinic, they won't be so fearful of the dentist. For more tips or suggestions, contact resources like Bruce Stevens Dental.