Visiting a Cosmetic Dentist Can Actually Protect Your Overall Oral Health

A cosmetic dentist can give you a great smile and easily improve your appearance, but he or she can also protect your overall oral health in a variety of ways. If you've thought about seeing a cosmetic dentist but aren't sure if fixing your teeth is that important, note how their services can protect the inside of your mouth.

1. Capping or bonding broken teeth

Broken and severely chipped teeth are not just unsightly; they're also dangerous for your overall oral health. Those jagged edges can cut and scrape the inside of your mouth so that you're more prone to oral infections. Weaker teeth can also lead to bone loss and the need for a root canal. If the dentin or soft tissue inside of teeth is exposed, this can lead to an increased risk of infection and tooth loss as germs and bacteria build up in this area.

Broken teeth can be covered with a cap or with bonding, which is a soft putty that is shaped and formed over a tooth. It then dries and hardens and looks just like a real tooth. This provides support for your teeth and also protects the inside of your mouth.

2. Coating worn teeth

Enamel erosion is not uncommon for people today, as acidic sodas and foods wear away tooth enamel very quickly and easily. This is not a problem to ignore, as this enamel protects teeth from chips and cracks. A cosmetic dentist can put a coating over the teeth that protects them from more acid erosion and which also keeps them strong. If you notice that your teeth seem thin or worn down, ask about this coating to replace any lost enamel.

3. Tooth whitening

A tooth whitening procedure itself may not be necessary for the health of your mouth, but having a cosmetic dentist perform this procedure is much better than trying to whiten teeth on your own. Many products that are sold over the counter and that promise to whiten your teeth contain harsh abrasives that wear away at tooth enamel and which dry your mouth. Having a dry mouth is very dangerous to your oral health, as saliva washes away germs and bacteria that can make you more prone to oral infection.

Harsh abrasives that erode your teeth can also weaken them so that they are more prone to chips and cracks. This can also lead to cavities. To protect your teeth, have a cosmetic dentist perform a needed tooth whitening for you.

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