3 Tips to Help Prevent Plaque Formation and Build-Up

Discoloration of teeth can be caused by a number of factors. Plaque build-up is one of these factors.  Unfortunately, there is no way to completely stop the formation of plaque within the mouth. It is therefore important for anyone who values their teeth to know what it takes to reduce plaque levels within the mouth and prevent its build-up.  Here are three important tips that will help you prevent build-up of plaque.

Use a Good Quality Mouth Rinse

There is a difference between a mouthwash and a mouth rinse. A large number of people don't know this difference; hence they tend to use the two mouth cleaning products interchangeably. A mouthwash is designed to ensure that your breath is fresh all through the day. It does not really improve the health condition of your teeth.

Mouth rinses on the other hand, have anti-septic properties that are helpful in fighting bacteria that cause plaque. This simply means that a good quality mouth rinse will improve your dental health, in addition to giving you fresh breath.

In order to get the best results, you should ensure to swish the rinse on your teeth for one minute, two times a day.

Watch Your Sugar Intake

Preventing build-up of plaque does not come without its sacrifices. The greatest sacrifice is that you will have to consume less of your favorite sugary snack, if not avoiding it completely.

When you eat sugary snacks, the sugar from these snacks is deposited directly on the surfaces of your teeth. If these particles are left long enough, plaque can use them to decay several of your teeth.

Similarly, avoiding sticky food substances will also help to prevent plaque build-up in your mouth. This is because such food substances tend to cling onto teeth and this encourages build up of plaque.

Floss in Between Your Teeth

Your toothbrush cannot reach all areas of your mouth. This is why the regular toothbrush would not be the best option for cleaning in between your teeth.

The gap between teeth often serves as a hiding spot for a number of oral bacteria, which can ruin your dental formula and health. Oral bacteria are known to cause build up of plaque by acting on food particles within the mouth.

It is recommended that you use an inter-dental brush, floss aides, or water and air flossing devices to clean the gap in between teeth.  This will help to dislodge trapped food particles and this helps to keep plaque levels within the mouth low. 

For more tips to reduce or eliminate plaque, talk to local dental clinics such as Rutherford Dental.